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Family Therapy

Family therapy views issues within the framework of our close family ties. We can influence even an acquaintance or a casual encounter; we certainly respond even more deeply to those in our close circle. For instance, a depressed teenager can cause worry and disruption to all family members; equally, a young person's depression can stem from parents' illness, financial troubles or marital problems. Family therapy helps to place your individual perspective within the larger context of how a family functions together. Family communication patterns are examined and families learn to interact in newer, healthier ways, openly and non-defensively.
Family therapy may also include several generations and branches of a family connected to the nuclear family. Treatment could include aunts, uncles, grandparents, step-family members and anyone closely connected. At the Honesdale Wellness Center we believe it sometimes "takes a village"---that is, a collaborative approach. We include in our team health care providers, educators, clergy, attorneys and even pets as integral components of the healing process.